Neil Strickland's Github repositories


Some of my course material is on GitHub, especially for courses that are no longer running. Many courses have associated Maple code and worksheets. Some also have interactive or three-dimensional diagrams coded in Javascript.
Knots and Surfaces
Fields and Galois Theory
Groups and symmetry
Rings, modules and linear algebra
Maths for Electrical Engineering
Vector spaces and Fourier theory
Linear mathematics for applications
Mathematics with Maple
Pure mathematics core
Combinatorics diagrams
Algebraic Topology diagrams

Geometry of surfaces

This is a large project about holomorphic uniformisation of a family of highly symmetric surfaces of genus two embedded in the 3-sphere. There is a monograph of 160 pages together with about 20000 lines of associated Maple code.
Uniformisation of embedded surfaces


I have a large library of Maple code covering various different areas of pure mathematics.
Maple library

Mathematics formalised in Lean

I have formalised proofs of various things in the Lean proof assistant. There is a stand-alone repository which formalises proofs from the paper "Iterated chromatic localisation" (written with Nicola Bellumat), which should be fairly stable. There is also a general library containing a wide range of different things under development; this is neither stable nor well-organised. There is a fork of the official Lean mathlib library, intended as a staging post for contributions to that library.
Iterated chromatic localisation
General Lean library
Fork of mathlib

Other things

There are various other repositories that are less significant or do not fall into the above categories.
Full list of repositories